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Commercial Stovetop Broiler Griddle

Broiler Griddle * Add-a-Broiler/Griddle

Add-a-Broiler Griddle is the perfect choice when you want to save space, money and cook quality foods.

Our commercial restaurant flame broiler - griddle gives you the option of a single or double griddle, broiler or range when you need it. Best of all, no range or stovetop modification is required!

Add-a-Broiler Griddle is the double duty portable broiler and griddle converter. For flame broiler simply lift on to your gas range and you are ready for flame broiling! For your griddling simply lift the griddle on to you gas cooktop. It's that easy.

add a brolier griddle
broiler griddle

Our commercial griddles and commercial broilers come in a variety of configurations.

Add-a-Broiler Griddle is the space-saving way to convert your existing gas range top into broilers and cooktop griddles. Installation is accomplished in minutes. The broiler option adds charbroiled taste and flavor to steaks, chops, burgers, brand meats and vegetables time after time.

The gas griddle option permits griddle cooking with quick preheat time and efficient heat removal through the rear flue.

With Add-a- Broiler Griddle, there is no need to spend extra-equipment dollars for separate ranges, broilers and griddles.

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