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Ruff Tuff II Doors 1 1/8" Thickness - Steel Reinforced!

Medium Duty to Heavy Duty: Personnel, Carts, Pallet Jacks & Forklift Use
Doors shown with Optional Tear Drop Bumpers
Shown with Optional ABS Impact Panels
Ruff Tuff II Doors - 1 1/8"Thickness Panel - Sizes & Options Shown Below

The Ruff Tuff II is the perfect door system for supermarkets, restaurants, warehouses, offices and retail applications. Available with impact panels or tear drop bumpers for the use with carts, pallet jacks and fork lifts make this a heavy duty door system, yet attractive and will fit into any decor. The unique interior welded steel frame, heavy duty hinges and tempered hardboard make this choice of unequaled strength. Available in 7 colors to match decor themes.

Ruff Tuff commercial - industrial doors are built to withstand the maximum punishment. Ruff Tuff I doors are 1 1/8" thick and utilize the latest technology by incorporating the use of a fusion technique. The application of elector meric coating and the use of fusion give the Ruff Tuff II interior commercial swing traffic door its unequaled durability. This is the same process that is used in fortifying truck bodies. The diamond texeture coating is USDA approved and can be used in every door application.

Colors and Textures Available Click on image to enlarge
Single Panel - Ruff Tuff II Door Systems - Includes Hardware & Windows
Model #
31" w x 84" h
31" w x 96" h
36" w x 84" h
36" w x 96" h
48" w x 84" h
48" w x 96" h
Double Panels - Ruff Tuff II Door Systems - Includes Hardware & Windows
Model #
36" w x 78" h
36" w x 84" h
48" w x 84" h
48" w x 96" h
60" w x 84" h
60" w x 96" h
72" w x 84" h
72" w x 96" h
84" w x 84" h
84" w x 96" h
96" w x 84" h
96" w x 96" h
Custom Sizes Available at NO Extra Charge!
Brochure - Spec Sheets Click on image for brochure

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