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Strip Curtains - PVC Strip Doors

Tuff Flex strip doors and curtains for warehouse doors and dock openings, forklift and pallet jack traffic, walk-in coolers and freezers in warehouses, warehouse doors, walk ways, room partitions, barns, truck trailers, reefer units, clean rooms and every application you may have a need for. Click Here for Pricing & Sizes

Strip curtains and strip doors are perfect for sealing out wind, cold, heat, insects, dust and debris. Our complete door kits include PVC strips and easy to install hardware for mounting the strips. For our strip door kits using our premium Universal Hardware, each strip is drilled with holes on 2" centers for easy mounting on flush-mounted angle hardware that includes bolts for easy slide on installation and removal. For the Aluminum Bar kits, the loop and snap system is perfect for easy installs on cooler and small doors openings.

We carry a variety of PVC material in many gages and strip widths for any opening in any environment. PVC strip material is fire and UV resistant. Our hardware is heavy-duty galvanized steel and can be installed on a inside or outside wall or any door jamb.

Optional angle brackets allow for mounting hardware on roll-up canister type doors and/or where obstructions inhibit standard door installations.

Tuff Flex Strip Doors for Walk-ins: For refrigerated walk-in coolers and freezers, cold storage rooms and room size coolers and freezers, strip doors maintain temperatures inside the unit and significantly reduce energy consumption and compressor workload. When walk-in doors are left open, warm air rushes in to cause an immediate temperature increase inside refrigerated rooms and walk-ins. When you lower the thermostat to keep perishables colder, you raise your energy costs at least 6% per degree!

Installing Tuff Flex strip doors will also extend product shelf life by maintaining a more consistent temperature inside coolers and freezers, especially those perishables stored near the entrances.

Compressors work less saving you energy and maintenance costs. Compressor life will be extended, coil icing and damaging frost is immediately eliminated and the overall efficiency of your cooler will be immediately maximized!

Tuff Flex Strip Doors for Refrigerated Truck Trailers: Strip doors decrease fuel consumption by up to 50% in refrigerated truck trailers and reefers.

Drivers can actually turn the engine off while making deliveries without fear of loosing valuable refrigerated air when the trailer doors are opened. This allows for fresher, colder products delivered to your customer while gaining a competitive edge and saving money.

Easy to install and removable when necessary. We have installation brackets that mount to the sidewalls for a secure and tight fit.

More uses for Tuff Flex Strip Doors and Curtains: Excellent for use with clean rooms, labs, computer server storage rooms, medical rooms, doorways and many more applications. As a noise barrier, cear PVC is inherently sound resistant. Strips can be installed anywhere where loud machinery needs to be subdued. PVC strips can also be installed to separate smoking and nonsmoking areas. Use PVC strips for outside dining areas, clean room applications, barn doors, conveyor belt entrances, bagge claim windows and many more applications.

Custom Sizes Available at NO Extra Charge!

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